Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pedaling on a rainy day

Ride date: 19.09.2007

It was 5:45 p.m. on a windy evening. The cool weather sent out an invitation for biking and I accepted it. It was my usual biking route (Koramangala - Sarjapura) and I hit the road with the rain clouds hanging dangerously behind me. They were ready to bust anytime. When I was fiddling with my ipod to play myself some nice song, I found a stop-timer in it, pleased with this option, I put it to use for this ride. After a few turns of the pedal in the Jamgalore traffic, I was heading towards Sarjapura. Rain caught me after I crossed spring fields and that sent the few motorbikes off the road offering the full road to me. It has been long since a natural shower. I paid the price for not having a proper mud guard on my bike. So my t-shirt collected all the mud of the 20 km stretch. When I returned home, I was amused by the amount of mud I had collected and it was a picture worth framing. After a foto-shoot off went my shirt into the tub for a soak and while washing my clothes I was ruing my decision to bike on a rainy day.

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