Friday, March 7, 2008

Trail Tour (Mysore, KRS) - 01/03 & 02/03/2008

Shree, Mallik and Abhi where busy giving shape to the trail tour. The idea sounded interesting and I decided to join the trail riders. After giving the dogs a work out in the early morning and after scaring a few dogs by barking back at them, I was halted up a pack of dogs on an uphill. I better call up Shree and ask him to come and join me, said me conscience. A ring to shree, soon got me company and suddenly I realised Shree had a calming effect on the dogs. I dunno the peace treaty Shree has signed with dogs, amazingly they went mum after seeing him. Abhi had just picked up a flat tire somewhere else and I was pesimisstic in making to the Railway station on time. Shree had his own set of problems, with the wheel squealing all the way. He would get restless and check his wheel and kick himself for having not located the source of problem. We reach City railway station and make the count of trail raiders to 8. Hi...Hi...Hi... greetings exchanged and each other eyeing the bike of the other and after updating their shopping lists for the next buy for the bikes, we reach the luggage room only to be told that the room opens only after 6:00. We decided to take the Thanjavur - Mysore express at 7:30 a.m. I was happy that our bikes got a neat little place in the luggage compartment and so did we in sleeper class.
Idlis, Madur Vada, Coffee... find ways to our tummies and the payment time to the vendor gives me the opportunity to play the role of treasurer for the trip. Boys! Rs.500 for the kitty, calls out the treasurer in me and I get fresh minted notes which are yet to kiss the dirt.
Its 10:45 or so and we reach Mysore and unload our bikes. The RPF guy issues gate pass for the bikes. We dress up pushing the eyeing public to the obilivion and tight our bags to the carrier. Ready, set, go.... push...push..push... on the rail track a few metres and we meet a road which will take us to KRS dam.

Our first pit stop was a hotel which was 10 kms away. We did not waste time and mind counting the idlis and vada we ate...all I can say is... the shop had run of idlis and they had to make another set and give us fresh steaming idlis. I was amused like kid with the new accessories I had got this trip. A Garmin etrex HCx - GPS, a wonderful Camelbak and seat post rack. The bikers were impressed with seat post rack, probably they were with aching hearts after having seen their bikes getting rammed by hammers as they got their carriers fixed on their bikes.
Trail riding started in the backyards of KRS dam. The trail was inviting to the riders, the tyres were too inviting for the thorns.

[pic: Abhi @ blue lagoon, bikers raring to go]

Innumerous, I would say the no. of times, the thorns kissed the tyres and left a mark a hole on the tube. Raghu would beg to differ, as he painstakingly counted the no. of kisses. The meticulously marked the where,why,who and how. We ended with 24 flat tires...with the trail riders agreeing to gift Faiq a "metal" tube. Heee... my bike and raghu's were spared without the 'deadly' kisses (prickly should be the right word, I guess).

[pic: Raghu fixing punctures @ blue lagoon]

At times, I was wondering whether we were on a trail tour or puncture fixing tour. Infact, I have loads of puncture fixing photos and videos. At times the morale of the riders where so low, that Raghu had to pep up the scene with his idea of making a film titled "Pumping to Glory".

Here is Raghu's Gyan sharing video - Titled "Giyo-mini pump for Dummies"

All that stays in mind after the trip is the wonderful sunset, the lovely coleman dome tents, retreived venugopalsamy temple, Yummy MTR foods and the amazing speed we picked up from Srirangapatnam to Mysore. OK...OK... another scene that refuses to fade is that of almost getting conned by a shop keeper at Srirangapatna who wanted to Rs.15 more than the MRP printed on the bottle.

[pic: lining the bikes , hexagonal dome tent]

Well, one question is still unanswered? The one Faiq asked, why were we doing this?
Well, my friend Faiq, we did this trip to hone our puncture fixing skills and expand our skillset.

[pic: Paddy fields - Treat to eyes, Gautham n Mallik @ Blue Lagoon]

[pic: Trail riders - Raghu, Murali]

[pic: Mass puncture fixing exercise, Shree riding]

[pic: who moved my wheel, bikes in the back drop of paddy fields]
I look forward to another puncture fixing tour. So, guys... next time when you bored... ping me. Lets go on a puncture fixing tour.