Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Running at Agarakere

For all the folks, who are visiting this blog and finding no new content on cycling. Here goes the reason - My internet connection is down and hence no blog updates.
For my fellow cyclists who have been asking me why am I not joining the weekend rides, here goes another reason.

I have been busy gathering miles in my morning runs....
Week 1 - 27 Km, Week 2 - 33.5 Km, Week 3 - 40 Km (planned, 17.5 done).

Now, why am I suddenly running more than cycling?
Well, to increase my stamina, pro-cyclists have suggested me to do trail running.
Me & Shree are regular runners now-a-days at Agarakere (Agara Lake, near Silkboard). Occasionally Manohar & Harsha join us for a run.
25 Weeks to go.... for MTB Himachal.