Sunday, December 2, 2007



I was scared initially to buy a cyclocomputer for 2 reasons, it is expensive and then the wired version may be difficult to fit after buying it. Now, having bought this gadget, I want to put the demons to rest for fellow cyclists. I bought this device from Speedo Corporation, Meerut (U.P.) and I am thoroughly satisfied with the service they rendered.
Contacts of Sumit Mattey, M.D. Speedo Corporation
Speedo Corporation
21/3, Gandhi Nagar,
Opp. Nandan Cinema,
Garh Road,
Meerut - 250001
Ph: +91.0121.4007958
Mobile: +919897880875
I placed the order on Saturday at 14:00 and I received the gadget through Bluedart Couriers on Tuesday at 12:05

Echo F2 has 12 functions current speed, max speed, average speed, max cadence, cadence, average cadence, odometer, riding time, time test, distance test, trip meter, 12 hour clock all these features packed for a price of Rs.1195 (tax, courier charges included). Echo claims that their device is water resistance, giving the confidence to use this device in rain.

[Cyclocomputer Echo F2, kit unpacked]

[Handlebar mount for cyclocomputer]

[Magnet on spokes, sensor on the fork]

[Magnet on the pedal, sensor on frame]

[Cute little computer, sitting on my bike]
The cyclocomputer worked well during the moutain2sea trip which spanned for 4 days (340 kms). It also withstood an entire day's of rain ride and lived up to the name of being waterproof. But, I did some rainbow inside the glass of the cyclo display and after few hours it vanished when dry weather returned.
I have not used any other make of Cyclo-computer before, but I would definitely rate Echo F2 cyclo-computer as a value for money gadget because it comes with a cadence display which is hard to get at a price of Rs.1145

p.s. :- I hit 51 kmph on Hero Octane DTB2, in a downhill ride in the mountain2sea ride (Ooty to Kasargod)


Madhu said...

Hi Gauthaman,

Very often I see some people on foregn bikes with cyclcing gears in M'halli. Guess it may be ur group :)

Nice articles on ur cycling adventures too.

I would like to know if you changed the seat and the seat rod of ur octane DTB2 in case u have it. I found it very uncomfortable to ride..[narrow and short in length]

Also please comment on how good is this bike.
Keep riding :)


Gauthaman said...

@Madhu : Yes, I changed the seat post of my Octane DTB2. Go to Raja Cycle Mart, Town hall road and ask for Lalu. Lalu, is a great bike mechanic and we will do the job for you.

Infact, riding height & posture is very critical, otherwise it will lead to pain just below the knee.

Visit, I saw a figure on the right and wrong pedaling posture.

Hey don't change the saddle a.k.a as a seat. Read this Initially, the narrow seat will be uncomfortable, you will get used to it and at last you will confortable on it.

Well, you have already bought this bike. If you would have asked before buying I would have reccommended Hero Thunder for the same money. Personally, I would advise all beginners to shell out few thousands and get a entry level Trek... like 3700 series.

I sold my Octane and bought a Trek for me. Well, Octane is more than enough for commuting to office and trips around bangalore... sorry no heart breaks for you. It looks sexy...but its not a performance bike.

Gauthaman said...

@ Madhu (again)

In 2 lines Trek 4300 Vs Hero Octane

22kms on Octane- my time 1hr,25mins
22kms on Trek- my time 55 mins

Now, you know whats a performance bike. Ofcourse, Trek 4300D costs 5 times the Octane price. But its a killer!

madhu said...

Thanks for the info Gauthaman,
Well even I would be selling my octane and go for a TREK soon..
planning to test ride one at bumsonthesaddle shop.

By the way congrats on running the marathon too. :)


bullet said...

i need your contact,as even i am looking at buying echo f2,how do i contact sunil of SPEEDO?

Gauthaman said...


Here is the contact

Speedo Corporation
21/3, Gandhi Nagar,
Opp. Nandan Cinema,
Garh Road, Meerut - 250001

Ph: +91.0121.4007958
Mobile: +91.0.9897880875


Dave said...

Hey anybody know about any cyclometer sellers in and around Kolkata. I would love to buy one.

Karthik Seshagiri said...

Greetings All

We have excellent cyclo computers at listed on our website. We can ship the products anywhere in India.

Thanks and good day.

Karthik Seshagiri said...

Sorry for the typo in the previous comment. Please read as, we can ship the products to any address in India.


Thalapathi Chakravarthy said...

Hi Karthik,

I am interested in buying a Wireless cycle computer. Can you tell me the Make and models you have in them. It will be very useful if you can tell me the features too !!!

Thalapathi Chakravarthy

Aleksandra19 said...

How much your cyclocomputer,Gauthaman?

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