Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekly Hike of 20%

Hee.. Heee. It was appraisal time and after getting the hike on pay packet, I just thought of giving myself weekly hike on my running mileage. So far so good.

Week 1 : 27 Km
Week 2 : 33 Km
Week 3 : 40 Km
Week 4 : 48 Km (Planned, Done 18 Km, 5 days left).

Though I took up running as a cross training exercise to improve my cycling performance, I have been addicted to the runner's high which is luring me away from the my short term goal of MTBH 2008. So intend to carve out a plateau at 48 Km and log a weekly biking mileage of 150 Km.

After grazing through few pages of the book titled "Why not". My insanity is tempting me to leap one step forward. I find myself googling for "Half-Ironman". Alas! I do not know swimming and I can't the hit the waters and do that 1.9 Km of swimming stunt. So I ask myself "Why not?". I will learn to swim and make it to the Half-Ironman in Singapore next year Sept 2009.

Will that happen? Time will tell. Till then, its time to lace up & pace up!!


vindy said...

Hike = Gizmo shopping :P ... and boy thats great! True , Why not... Funda is simple - Do all you can while you can :D. All the best man!

Devavrata said...

hey all...actually was wondering where u got ur hands on the 'trek' bikes from????

Gauthaman said...

@ devavrata : I picked my trek at www.bumsonthesaddle.com

elgar said...

hey dude went through your cycling posts , too cool dude , wanted to know if i can join in to , like to cycle and been looking for mtb clubs , plus need the company as well for cycling , wondering if i could join ul on your cycling trips, from banaglore and stay in cox town

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